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Bulldozer Pedal Car




Music Mite Juke Box





Go Cart 1920's

This little Go Cart looks like something right out of the 1920's.

Brand new never had gas in the tank.

Electric start and head lights.

Offered at $1800.00

Antique Toys of All Kinds

We have a large collection of toys for the serious collector

or the person that had one when they were a child that

brings back memories.





Restored 1978 Stutts Go Cart.

Has electric start, forward and reverse. New paint, battery, and tires.

A very well made go carts from 1978 made to look like the Stutts Car.

Offered at $5000.00

This 1950's T Model Kiddy Ride is completely restored.

A great toy for the little kids or big kids.


We have dozens of antique toy cars, trucks, of all kinds.

Pick out some from our show case and we will be happy to help you with it. 

This old metal car is from the late 20's or early 30's

Has wooden wheels and steering wheel.

Very rare.


 Red Baron Airplane Ride

1960's coin operated kiddie ride for the children or collector.

You might remember these coin operated rides outside the grocery, and department stores back in the day.

This 10 cent ride has been professionally restored better than new.

Has the sounds of a fighter airplane diving over it's target and machine guns blasting away.

In addition to the pictures, please see the video on this page showing this ride in action.



"57 Chevy" golf cart.  Sold, but shown here as an example of the unique transportation related collectors' items we offer.

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